What is Compounding?

You, Your Family, even your Pets!
We will work with your physician or veterinarian and help you, your family member or your pet get back on track!

Almost any medications!
Most of your medications can be created. The compounded medications can take the form of the following:
•    Solutions, suppositories, sprays
•    Oral rinses, lollipops, troches
•    Capsules, creams or gels

What's available for Compounding?

Your pets are special and their medication should be too! We will work with your veterinarian to prepare medicines in easy-to-give, flavored dosage forms that your pets will actually take!

It's the art & science of preparing customized medications.
Your Midwest Compounding pharmacist has been specially trained to prepare customized medications for your special needs. He can compound unique forms of medications for humans and animals. It provides valuable benefits to many patients, especially those who might have difficulty taking medications due to stomach irritation or other side effects. Pharmacy compounding can provide alternate methods of delivery. Instead of capsule or tablet, medications can be compounded in topical gel, cream or spray that can be absorbed through the skin. Through compounding, a physician and pharmacist can customize the dosage to the exact amount the patient requires, and find a dosage form that best suits the patient’s needs.

A hormonal imbalance can affect more than your mood- it can be responsible for a number of related health concerns, including: hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, post-partum depression and many more. These conditions affect millions of women and we can work with your doctor and help you get your balance back!

There are several reasons, but here's  a few:
Allergic to an ingredient in a prescribed medication.

Maybe you’ve had a hard time finding the “just right” dose.

You require medicine to be in a form that is not currently manufactured.
You prefer your medication in a capsule form, instead of liquid, making it easier for travel.

Difficulty swallowing pills or stomach irritation or other side effects from medication.

Why Compounding?


Who Can Benefit from




Some chronic pain sufferers, such as fibromyalgia patients, are placed on a variety of medications - which means taking multiple drugs. Compounding can make it possible for these patients to get all their medications in a single preparation, which is much more convenient.