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Weight Loss

We're here for your weight loss journey.

If you've been struggling to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, you're not alone. We can create a personalized medication to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

As a member of Professional Compounding Center of America, we are now able to compound semaglutide in a liquid sublingual dosage form. This dosage form is easy to self-administer, without the hassle of an injection or hard-to-swallow pills. This sublingual semaglutide is the only PCCA approved formulation of compounded semaglutide, meaning it is of the highest quality standards.

What is semaglutide?

Semaglutide belongs to a class of medications known as glucagon-like peptide-1, or GLP-1, receptor agonists. It mimics the GLP-1 hormone in the gut that gets released when eating. Semaglutide has also been studied in relation to decreased cardiovascular events.

This hormone sends a signal to the brain to regulate appetite and food intake, telling the body when it is "full." Semaglutide works to suppress appetite and, with diet and exercise, may help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

What makes sublingual semaglutide different?

Commercially-available semaglutide and other GLP-1s are injections or tablets; our compound is a liquid administered under the tongue. There have been many versions of compounded semaglutide, but none of them meet the PCCA requirements.

Our sublingual semaglutide is the only PCCA-approved formulation of compounded semaglutide. This means it is the only formulation that meets the quality standards.

How do I get it?

Our compounded semaglutide is available with a prescription only. Please click the button below to fill out an interest form.

Need a renewal for semaglutide?

Our telehealth provider can prescribe or renew a prescription for semaglutide. Please book an initial visit if this is the first time using our telehealth platform for this medication.

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