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Sinus Compounding

Breathe Easier with Sinus Relief

Whether you are facing short-term sinus issues or you deal with chronic sinus infections, the pain can make it hard to go through your day. Sinus infections can cause anything from congestion and loss of smell to discharge and coughing; they can also lead to painful facial pressure for days or even weeks. Sinusitis has a variety of causes, from the common cold and allergies to fungal exposure and environmental irritants. Dry sinus passages can also be a contributing factor, whether from the environment, medication, or even lack of hydration.

Compounding can address the root cause of your sinusitis and add soothing ingredients, all while eliminating the drying ingredients found in many over-the-counter solutions. Depending on the cause of the infection, we can also add in treatment to address an allergy, bacteria, inflammation, or fungus.

Our compounded medications are often applied as nasal sprays or a sinus rinse, used to reduce pain, inflammation, or swelling. We can combine multiple medications to find the right ratio for your concerns and maximize medicinal absorption.

young man blowing nose into tissue
young woman congested with headache
young woman pushing on nose
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