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Serving the Midwest since 2005

mortar and pestle
pills, cream, lollipops and mortar and pestle

From pills and creams to troches and lollipops, we can help you find the right fit for your need. 

We Have Solutions as Unique as You.

Just Some of What We Do:

FEATURED: Medicated Lollipops

Do you have a hard time convincing your kids (or yourself) to take bad-tasting medicine? You aren't alone. Medicine that doesn't taste good is medicine that might not get taken...and then it's medicine that isn't doing its job.

We can compound oral medications to taste good! A tastier formulation can improve compliance with your medication regimen, and it can help eliminate waste, too.


Lollipops are a popular option when prescribed a "swish and swallow" medicine that is meant to be kept in the mouth for a period of time. This formulation is great for not only giving kids their meds but also addressing canker sores, chemotherapy-related mouth sores, oral thrush, and Sjögren's Syndrome.

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